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Adelaide Property Valuers Metro are the leading property valuation Adelaide company. We are a professional independent property valuation company and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide the highest level of property valuation reports as well as client advice.

Our property valuers Adelaide provide a comprehensive range of valuation reports which are used by private clients, solicitors, accountants, property developers and corporations. All of our Valuers are highly trained, each with a minimum of 20 years’ experience, accredited and members of the Australian Property Institute.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with expert industry knowledge and advice. We often receive questions in regard to our services and how we stand out compared to other valuation companies. Here are a few things we are commonly asked:

Why is a property valuation needed?

A professional, certified property valuation is necessary for any matter relating to the subject property, regarding its value in either a private or legislative capacity. This may include law court matters, applications and adherence to government bodies and any other private matter that requires understanding the value of the subject property.

An independent property valuation guarantees an objective analysis without any hidden agenda or bias to cover any requirement you may need in order to understand the value of the subject property. As such, a valuation is completed by a certified valuer who is exclusively qualified to undergo extensive research to meet any associated criteria – legislative or otherwise – to determine its accurate market value.

Current market value vs. retrospective property valuations

A current market valuation of the subject property determines the value of the property in its present state within the current local property market. A current market property valuation can be utilised for a variety of purposes across all property types and is valid for 90 days from the date of inspection. On the other hand, a retrospective valuation determines the value of the subject property at a previous point in history, or a retrospective date. This can be required for a number of purposes, particularly in matters of tax calculation, litigation matters or government applications.

What does a property valuation involve?

A certified property valuation involves thoroughly researching and compiling evidence using our property database to calculate a property’s value. As such, an accurate market value is determined by objectively examining the internal and external factors of the subject property. A property valuation can only be completed by a certified valuer who has undergone thorough training with the Australian Property Institute (API) and is considered an industry professional.

A certified, independent valuation takes into account over 200 variables in regard to the subject property and the local property market. As such, a property valuation is the result of extensive research to give an all-encompassing report on the subject property.

What are the benefits of a certified property valuation?

A certified property valuation provides an objective, unbiased analysis of the property completed by a certified valuer and is used for a wide range of purposes across all property types.

A certified valuation can guarantee an independently determined value based on objective data and a comprehensive analysis by an API qualified industry expert. As such, a property valuation can be used to determine value for both private matters of sale and transfer as well as adhering to complex and legislative requirements when needed.

Why are certified property valuers so highly regarded?

An API certified property valuer is a leading figure in the property industry and can help inform decisions and minimise risk when it comes to any property matter. Certified property valuers are also exclusively qualified to provide valuations for legal and legislative purposes and can guarantee complete accuracy and transparency.

A certified property valuer is an industry expert who has undergone extensive education, training and professional practice to be qualified to perform a valuation. As such, each certified valuation report is based on acquired industry knowledge and experience that will provide reliable and supported evidence in regard to the subject property’s value.

What factors does a property valuer consider when calculating value?

A property valuer will analyse the location, geographical variables and any council or zoning restrictions. It will also assess the fixtures and fittings within the subject property, its site orientation and proximity to shopping districts, recreational amenities and public transport. Furthermore, a direct comparison of similar properties in the area while analysing the overall property market.

The calculation of a property’s value is determined using property databases and standardised methodologies as outlined by the API and International Valuation Standards (IVS). As such, this guarantees a completely independent valuation report free from any kind of influence or conflict of interest.

How does a property valuer determine residential property value?

When determining residential property, there are two main methodologies that a certified property valuer will utilise to reach an accurate market value. The Direct Comparison approach is the most widely used methodology and will compare the subject property to similar properties in the local market.

In addition to this, the Summation approach is utilised exclusively by API certified property valuers to assess the replacement cost value of the subject property. The property valuer will assess any improvements made to the property, calculate its depreciation and assess this against the land value.

What does a property valuer consider when determining commercial property value?

In order to determine the value of commercial property, a certified property valuer will utilise the direct comparison approach in conjunction with the Capitalisation of Net Income approach.

The certified property valuer will not only compare the commercial property to similar commercial buildings in the surrounding localities, but it will also assess the net rental income. From here, the property valuer will use the net rental income of the property and apply a capitalisation rate of return as determined by comparable sales evidence to reach its fair market value.

Our Valuations are compliant with

Federal Circuit Court of Australia
Australian Taxation Office
Australian Property Institute Standards
Family Court of Australia
Owners’ corporations ACT 2006
Department of Home Affairs
Supreme Court of South Australia
Law of Property Act 1936 (SA)
Strata Titles ACT 1988 (SA)
Strata Corporations & Strata Management (SA)
Magistrates Court of South Australia
Valuation of Land Regulations (SA)

Key Accomplishments

Valuing properties known to be the richest and most exclusive in South Australia averaging around $8.5 million. Residential properties including Mendindie, Leabrook and Toorak Gardens.
Conducting valautions for multiple large scale mixed-used commericial & industrial properties.
Producing comprehensive valuation reports for any specilised purpose across residential, commercial and industrial projects.
Completeing valuations across a wide range of industries specialising in plant machinery & equipment.
Our independent valuers have valued multi-tenanted residential and commerical properties sub $11.5 milllion
Undergoing multi-million dollar projects for high ranked specialised propertites.

Client Testimonials

Amazing Client Service!

The staff are incredibly helpful, they answered all of my questions and explained to me in detail what they required. I am extremely happy with my valuation report as well as the valuation outcome! I will be using this company for any future valuations I need done.

Certified Property Valuer Adelaide

by Susan Whitter

Detailed and Accurate report!

They valued all of my properties and development sites. The services is second to none, the report are very detailed and very accurate with the valuation outcome.

Commercial Valuations Adelaide

by Matthew Green

Saved me a Fortune!

Adelaide Property Valuers Metro recently valued my property for pre-sale purposes. They were professional and very efficient as we needed the valuation report the very next day! I will gladly recommend them to all my friends and family.

Adelaide Property Evaluation

by Peter McKenzie

Highly Recommend!

I required a pre-purchase property valuation, for a property I was interested in investing. I received my report within two business days and was happy with the results. Thank you to the team at Adelaide Property Valuers Metro.

Adelaide Property Valuation

by Kate Williams

Stress free and Efficient!

I required a property valuation for capital gains tax purposes. The valuer was professional and efficient throughout the whole process, and I received a comprehensive report with all my requirements met in a timely manner.

Adelaide Property Valuation Services

by Mark Webster

Quality Service!

I was recommended to Adelaide Property Valuers Metro as I was unsure that the rental amount was accurate for a commercial lease, I am interested in. The independent valuer conducted a rent review/determination valuation on the property. Happy with the results and will defiantly be utilising their services again moving forward.

Certified Property Valuer Adelaide

by Amber Jones

Time efficient!

I received a related party transfer property valuation, as my parents have decided to transfer their commercial property to me. I am new to the industry and am grateful for the experts who helped me understand all aspects of the industry and get me on the right track.

Independent Property Valuation Adelaide

by Julie Adams


I recently separated from my partner, I enquired about a valuation and was assigned a senior valuer who was unbiased and considerate of the circumstances, I received a comprehensive report which determined the true market value of the property, making the process of settlement stress free.

Certified Property Valuation SA

by Alan Marsh

Very Impressed!

I recently had a pre-purchase valuation compeleted, the report was detailed and gave me a clear view of the current market and value of the property. As a first home buyer I am grateful for Adelaide Property Valuers Metro.

Independent Property Valuation SA

by Mark Wilson

Quality professional service!

I couldn’t recommend Adelaide Property Valuers Metro enough, I have utilised their services for multiple property related enquiries and will continue to in the future of investments both residentially and commercially.

House Valuation Adelaide

by Micheal Saunders

Valuation Statistics for Property, Business, Plant & Equipment.

$2.32 million

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$3.7 billion

Conducted for multiple commercial and industrial property valuations

$5.29 billion

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I needed to seek out an independent property valuer and was recommended to Adelaide Property Valuations, The Valuer had over 20 years’ experience and was local to the area. I received a comprehensive report detailing my property details, risk factors and the current market analysis. Thank you for all your help!

Samantha Brown – August 2021

Adelaide Property Owner