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Rental Review Property Valuations

Adelaide Property Valuers Metro have a team of qualified property valuers who can provide rental valuations for landlords and tenants for both residential and commercial properties. These also known as rental reviews and rental determinations. Our valuers ensure accuracy, honesty and integrity in their service and valuation reports.


When is a rental review needed?

For commercial properties, regular rental reviews are encouraged to ensure that a fair rental rate is being charged. As commercial lease periods are often long, a rental review is a useful and beneficial way to reassess the rental value of a property.

In addition to this, there are certain situations when a rental review or rental determination is needed, including:

  • To set rental rate when entering into a new tenancy
  • In order to determine rental rate when a current lease is being renewed
  • To assist with negotiations between tenant and landlord during a rental dispute
  • Any situation where a current market rental value of the property is needed
  • To reassess the current rental value in long term leases

Rental reviews can be beneficial to both tenants and landlords as they ensure the correct rental rate is being paid based on current market conditions. This means a fair rate is reached, and the tenant isn’t over or under charged, giving the property owner a fair return on their investment.

As an independent property valuation company, our valuers operate as bias free, third party experts when determining the rental value of a property. As such, they utilise expertise and research to calculate the true rental value.


What goes into a rental review property valuation report?

Our rental review property valuation reports at Adelaide Property Valuers Metro are extensively detailed and well-researched. As well as providing an accurate fair market rental value of the property, they include a breakdown of how that figure was determined, including:

  • General information such as property type, purpose, size, location
  • Details of the property condition, materials, finishes and construction
  • Comparable rental evidence in the surrounding area, and details of these properties and leases
  • Assessment of current market condition and activity

Choosing an experienced, independent property valuer to provide your rental valuation is imperative if you want to ensure the fair amount of rent is being set. This is especially important for long lease periods on commercial properties, or if you are a tenant and suspect that you are paying an unfair amount of rent.


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