Property Valuation Services

Why get a valuation report?

The Adelaide Property Market is growing rapidly, and when purchasing a property you will need a valuation report to determine the correct asking price.

Adelaide Property Valuers Metro is one of the largest valuation companies in Adelaide. We have over 6 valuers with over knowledge and experience.

Our valuation turnaround times are 2-3 business days for residential properties and 3-5 business days for commercial properties.


Reasons to get a valuation report from our company:

  • We have Independent Experience Valuers
  • We will give you an accurate report
  • Our turnaround is a lot faster than any competitor
  • Our fees are the competitive
  • Our customer service is excellent
  • We treat all customers equally
  • We have no conflict of Interest
  • We have a great reputation
  • We know the Adelaide property market


If you would like to receive a few quote, CALL NOW (08) 7009 4446