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Asset Register Valuations

Certain types of valuations can be complex and as such require expert knowledge and high attention to detail. At Adelaide Property Valuers Metro, we have a team of specialised plant and equipment valuers who can provide comprehensive asset register valuations. Our valuers are able to provide these specialised valuations for any individual, business or entity that require it, for any individual purpose.


Reasons you may require an asset register valuation

Clients reach out to us for asset register valuations for a range of purposes. We provide these services for all kind of asset registers, from large corporations and industrial companies to small business spaces or individuals. There are many reasons you may need to know the accurate current market value of your assets, including:

  • For financial auditing purposes
  • In cases when a business is going to be sold
  • When dividing assets from a deceased estate
  • To assist with a settlement
  • In order to assess financial standing
  • To inform any financial decisions

Keeping track of assets is important for any business, and as such getting an asset register valuation at regular intervals can be useful in keeping an updated and accurate asset register. This will assist with financial planning, calculating depreciation of assets for tax purposes and helps keep track of the items owned and their value.


What is does an asset register valuation include?

An asset register valuation report is a detailed report that includes the value of each item listed, as well as the overall value held. To compile this report the expert valuer will either inspect each item in person or rely on photographs to determine the exact classification and condition of assets. From here, the valuer will undertake extensive research to find the true current market value of each asset.

The asset register valuation report will also include comparable sales for each item, showing how the final value was determined.

Asset register valuations are often needed for niche items such as specialised equipment and machinery for farming, mining or factory production. They can also be used for more generalised equipment like office supplies and automobiles.

Our valuers are able to provide an extensive, detailed valuation report for any asset register requirements. As our team of valuers have 20 years of industry experience each, we can guarantee accurate values and well-informed reports.

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