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Family Law Court Valuations

Are you going through a divorce and need to settle on an accurate figure?

Adelaide Property Valuers Metro provide certified sworn valuations for the Family Law Courts. Each valuation report is an in depth legal document used by solicitors and barristers. All of our Family Law valuation reports meet all of the requirements and are accepted by the Family Law Courts.

The Family Law Courts require a long for valuation report. This is the only valuation report they accept and will use in negotiating purposes. The long form valuation report differs from the standard short form in the length and detailed property description. Our Family Law valuations are around 15-18 pages long with 5-7 comparison sales included. The turnaround time for a Family Law Court valuation is 3-5 business days.

Adelaide Property Valuers Metro will provide you with an accurate valuation figure for your property as well as an inspection of the property and a detailed valuation report. Our expert valuers work with a number Solicitors and Barristers in Adelaide and provide the highest level or professionalism and independence.

We take pride in our dedication to client satisfaction, and as we understand the sensitive circumstances for this type of property valuation. As such, we work hard to make the process as smooth as possible.

Our valuers have over 20 years of local experience are all certified with the Australian Property Institute (API). Additionally, they are able to provide sworn valuation reports and stand as an expert in court, complying with the legislative requirements of the courts.

What does a property valuation report for Family Law Courts entail?

Property valuations for Family Law Court are purpose specific and require a specific approach that differs from our standard property valuations. Even though all our valuation reports are legal documents, those for Family Law Court include additional information to comply with the court requirements.

This specific property valuation report is known as a Long Form report, and is around 25 pages, compared to the standard 15. This report includes:

  • An accurate assessment of the property’s current market value
  • In depth information on the property condition and features, including the land, building exterior and interior, and any improvements made Detailed risk analysis, including environmental factors, property and market risks
  • A breakdown of sales evidence, including recent comparable sales in the local area, and information on how the current market condition impacts value
  • A rationale of how the value has been reached, including considerations factored in and various external impacts
  • The valuer’s credentials and experience which qualify them to undertake this valuation

This report contains similar but expanded information included in property valuation reports for other purposes. The additional information benefits the legal process, and as such if a report is needed for separation or any other settlement mediation that doesn’t involve the courts then a long form report isn’t necessary. In these cases, a mediation or short form report can be used.

A property is a major asset, and as such it is vital to employ the right people to assist with the settlement process. At Adelaide Property Valuers Metro, we have a team of qualified valuers who have years of expertise and experience. For your Family Law Court property valuations, you will be assigned a valuer who specialises in Family Law valuations and is able to ensure compliance with legal standards and operate with complete integrity.

If you are in need of a property valuation for Family Law Courts, our team of experienced property valuers are able to help you. Contact us today on (08) 7009 4446 or fill out an online enquiry form to receive more information.