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Commercial and Industrial Property Valuations

At Adelaide Property Valuers Metro, we have a specialised team of property valuers that are able to provide clients with accurate commercial and industrial property valuations.

As both commercial and industrial property types can be complex, we ensure all our valuers have over 20 years of expertise in property valuation and are fully certified with the Australian Property Institute (API). This allows us to maintain our reputation for excellent service. We aim to provide efficient turnaround times, high quality support and comprehensive valuation reports to all our clients.

We provide property valuations for commercial properties such as:

  • Office complexes
  • Retail storefronts
  • Education campuses
  • Restaurants and bars

Our team can also provide valuations for all industrial property types, including:

  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Distribution centres
  • Production buildings

Our property valuation services

Each property is different, and as such we offer specialised valuation services that cater to any requirements. Our valuers are experienced with valuing commercial and industrial properties within the Adelaide metropolitan area and greater South Australia for a range of purposes.

We provide our commercial and industrial property valuation services for purposes including:

  • Pre-sale and pre-purchase advice
  • Rental determination and rent review
  • Related party transfer
  • Taxation requirements, including CGT and stamp duty
  • Building insurance
  • Litigation
  • Compensation
  • Family Law
  • Superannuation compliance

As API certified property valuers, our team are able to ensure compliancy of the valuation report with any government body as well as specific legal and taxation requirements. This means that no matter the reasons for your valuation or the individual requirements, we can meet your commercial and industrial property valuation needs.


Our valuation reports

When you receive a commercial or industrial property valuation report from Adelaide Property Valuers Metro, you don’t just find out the value of your property. Our reports are in-depth, well researched and extensive.

While what is included in your valuation report differs according to the purpose of valuation, most reports will include similar information. This includes details of the property such as size, type, location and overall condition. This information is collected by the valuer during the inspection of the property, or in cases of external inspections can be based on documentation and photographs.

In addition to this, our valuation reports will have a breakdown of the recent comparable sales and market analysis that impacted the final value.


Why choose Adelaide Property Valuers Metro

We understand that your commercial or industrial property requires specialised, tailored service. Our property valuers are experts in the field, and have decades of experience in the local Adelaide property market. This expertise is what enables us to provide comprehensive, accurate service to all our clients.

If you require a commercial or industrial property valuation, or would like to hear more details about our service, do not hesitate to call our team on (08) 7009 4446. Alternatively, you can fill out an online enquiry form and we will be back to you as soon as possible.