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Try to fix your Australia’s broken property market, it’s important

By Adam Smith

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The most undeniable fact is – out of all the three basic needs of the human being i.e Food, cloth and shelter, The shelter is the third but the most important need of human being.

Talking about the Australia’s property market status –

Though economical growth of the Australia is increasing but the people’s purchasing power or ability to buy houses and accessibility to possess it, is decreasing in recent years. The major reason behind this is – lack of reliable, comfortable and affordable houses. The Australian economy exhibits the risk in property world.

The governmental tax policies are the major hurdle in the front of people to buy their dream home. There is increase in the price of properties and decrease in the interest of the people to buy it. The simple reason is high property valuation figures, scares the people.

Now it’s peak time, Marketers and policymakers have to think about this. Start from changing your strategies to expand your goals. A government should concentrate on providing the safe, comfortable and affordable houses. As house valuation in Australia is easy cause of presence of expert property valuers.

Here the politician plays a major role in bringing a significant change in the housing and improving the broken property market.

It is an urge to the policies makers to work together in order to bring the change in the property market. Housing policies should be made which does not affects the government’s budget and keeps the market condition stable. People should ask house valuers to determine the fair market house value.

Now, take a baby step to move forward. Consistency matters. To increase the reach and the affordability of the general people in the housing sector, make some amendments in the housing tax policies like focus on collect more tax from high value property owners and those property valuations are high rather than general public, this can help in improving the Australia’s market.

The first step should be for investors, tax breaks should be given to investors.

The research states that – “The reduction should be apply to all investment properties to avoid “lock in” effects. Also at Initial stage, It should be invested in enhancing the affordable housing supply. While making changes in the policies Australia’s retirement system thinks people will possess their own home before retirement.

The case crystal clear for including the value of the family home in the aged pension assets test. Before making any amendments in the policies make sure your new changes are not putting any harm to any poor pensioners.

It is advisable to re-read and re-evaluate the schemes which helps the poors. The received revenue from government should be used to help poor, rental retired persons to get their own homes.

Adapting these ways Australia broken market can be fixed up easily and effectively. Hiring the property valuer is the right option to know the right worth of your property.

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