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Renovation errors which diminish the home value

By Adam Smith

Adelaide Property Valuation Experts

Home is the place where our hearts are. We all love our homes and we think renovation can add new taste, design, and value to our home. But the question is – Does all renovation bring value to the home? No, not all renovation does this. In fact, renovation should be well planned and organized otherwise it diminishes the home value instead of increase it. Well, you can take advice from the home valuer before renovating the home. As home valuers are the experts know all the ins and outs of the property market.

According to the home valuers – ‘People often ignore the market trend and demand they do some mistakes in renovation which puts a bad impact on the property’. So it is advisable to the homeowners not to do these renovation errors.

Here we have listed down some common mistakes by the homeowners while doing the renovation –

Undefined Objective – It’s vital to be very clear before you start any work. Same as your purpose behind the renovation should be clear. If you are renovating the home for selling purpose then you have to make changes which buyers would like, you can’t renovate the home as per your taste. But when it comes to renovating your own home you can make changes what you like but make sure to take an expert’s advice (from architectures, engineers) you can explain to them what you actually want and then they will prepare the plan for you. Your objective, the purpose should be clear otherwise it is going to decrease the home value instead of increasing.

Unplanned extension in your carpet area – It’s quite common when a family grows people find their homes small. So they add a room on the upper storey of the building which is not at all a bad idea but a poorly planned room can decrease the home value. Sometimes it looks like a box on the top of the terrace it is advisable to hire a professional who renovates the home in a better way. Imperfectly constructed building decreases the home value.

It doesn’t always work – It’s not a great idea to eliminate the wall between the two rooms to make it large. Unfortunately, it won’t work always. As it depends on the requirement too. If you have a nuclear family then this idea may work but when you have many members to live in, the two small sized bedrooms are much better than a big large one.

It is important to understand the basic need of the family members before renovating the property.

Overdoing – Excess leads to a problem in every situation. Even while renovating your home you have to be cautious that surplus renovation could degrade your home value. It might be possible you like bright vibrant colors, quirky textures, and wallpapers may be liked by you but not by the potential buyers. Better to hire the home valuer they know what buyers look for you can renovate your home the way the buyer like otherwise, your choices may not add value to the home. You can hire our home valuers too for the best home valuation services.

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