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How to evaluate property value in Adelaide

By Adam Smith

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Property valuation is something that is very necessary for successful real estate purchase. Property valuation can help you to assess or know the current value of the property in the competitive real estate market.

Property valuation includes the information related to the property like – rates, total area which includes total size of the land and building. Property valuation report is designed by the property valuer after analysis the property in order to figure out the property value accurately.

Know how do valuers estimate the property value – Firstly valuer visit the property and measure the area, note the details very minutely, gather all the data related to property like condition, rooms, defects, layout, structure, zoning, relative location etc.

Who can find the property’s value – Real estate agents and certified property valuers both can give you an appraisal. Real estate agents appraisal based on other sales in the area (comparative sales) and experience. The property valuation they do is not the official valuation.

But the valuation carried by the licensed valuer is different. Because they are skilled experts of their field and knows how to evaluate the property well. They are completely responsible for the value and information, they determine for your property.

Can we increase our house value?  Yes, surely you can. Just by some smart moves, you can increase the property value and can get the right value of your property.

A little renovation in your property can increase the value of your house. You can add a room, bathroom, bedroom, entertaining area to increase the house worth.

Keeping your property well presented, clean and tidy can increase your house.

Repair the light fittings, paint the house and remove the unnecessary items from the property can put a good impression on the valuer.

Front or back court yard, garage or covered space for vehicles can add the value to your property. Never ignore the elevation of the property, it also matters a lot.

What quality should be checked before hiring the property valuer?

If you hire a property valuer for your property valuation then make sure he should be experienced, provides accurate real time reports of property valuation, unbiased, affordable, provides you quality services like property valuer Adelaide does.

What is the cost of the real estate valuation?

All properties are different in its own. It is very hard to find the two properties alike in nature. So every time each property’s requirement, geographical location, market condition at the time of evaluation, total area, construction building type is different. If all things are different then definitely the cost of valuation of each property is also different.

There is no property valuer available who exhibits their fees on the website. As there is no sense to disclose the costing of valuation unless you see the property.

Valuation cost is depend upon various factors like company you choose, type of property, reason of valuation, amount of work to be valued. One should choose a company who provides real authentic reports, works professionally at reasonable cost like property valuer Adelaide.

Though your reason of real estate valuation can vary –

  1. When you are buying (pre-purchase valuation) a new home.
  2. When you are selling (pre-sale valuation) your home.
  3. In case of property settlement valuations.
  4. To know the current fair market value of your house.
  5. For transfer of property.
  6. To mortgage a property.
  7. For taxation purpose.
  8. For compulsory acquisition.

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