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What is the best for you, selling the home to buy a new one or renovating it

By Adam Smith

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Home is the place where you have been living for years and the place which is so close to your heart. But with the time family member increases and you starting finding it small. Then you start thinking to renovate your old home but sometimes renovation is also not possible then you think to buy a new one but leaving your old home is not an easy task for you. And as buying a new home needs huge amount of money. This all puts you in dilemma what is good for you – Selling an old home to buy a new one or renovating the old home.

Well, you can look for the best property valuer in your city and ask them what is good for you. As they are the professionals who know the whole picture of the real estate property market. They can inspect and analyse your property well to estimate the value of your old home. They can suggest you what will be going to give you more value your new home or old home renovation. Property valuers are the experts and understand the market very well.

Here before making any decision follow these points to reach on a conclusion –

Understand your requirement first –

When you are planning to renovate your old home. Make sure how much your old structure is going to support new construction? How much space you have to extend the home? Which parts of home needs renovation? What all does it requires to have a renovation? Find the answers to these questions. Stay clear in your thoughts – for some renovation means a complete transformation of the home and for others just repair the broken parts of the home. Understand what you actually want, then plan your renovation according.

When you are thinking about buying a new home, then look for the property which you can buy against of this old property you possess. Look at the property which allows your pocket, mind, and heart. Because buying and moving all into a new property is not easy. Apart from financial factor, there are lot many factors are associated with the property. Like the location of your new home, neighbourhood, proximity to a school, college, public transport etc, facilities and amenities associated with the new home. Check all these first before taking any decision.

Hire the property valuer – Either you want to renovate or buy a new property or else you are confused and haven’t reached to any conclusion till now. Hire the property valuer to get the right suggestion. They are the experienced professionals who know all ins and outs they can suggest you which is good for you.

Even valuers know well about properties on sale in the market. Hire them, ask them for help, explain your requirements and they will give you wonderful options to live in.

Check your finance – How much money you want to spend on renovation. Or check your housing loan limits before finalising the new home or before starting the renovation. Figure out the finance you will need, think about how you can arrange. And never forget to add the expense you will have to bear while shifting your belongings from old to a new home or while going to market to buy new items while renovating your old sweet home. Think viable, think twice before reaching any conclusion.

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