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The Benefits of a Property Valuation!

By Adam Smith

Property Valuations Adelaide

There are benefits to getting a property valuation. It can help you know the accurate market value of your home and assist in setting a competitive price for your property when selling. It is incredibly helpful to know the true worth of your property, and in many cases, you may even be surprised at the valuation results.

Why is a property valuation important when selling the property?

When you’re getting ready to sell, a property valuation is a helpful and essential tool to have. When you know the accurate value of your home within the market this will help set your expectations for competitive pricing on your property, avoid any mortgage payment regrets, and ensure you choose the right insurance cover as well.

Let’s break it down:

  • Valuing a property can help you make an informed decision about your home insurance premiums and ensure that you are receiving the right coverage for your property. If you have recently had renovations completed or made any changes to the structure of your property this may also change the property valuation and you should ensure that your insurance provider is aware of any changes to avoid an increase in premiums.
  • Getting a property valuation can help you set a competitive price when selling. Sometimes it may even be surprising just how much more your property could sell for, so it’s important not to underestimate what potential buyers would pay.
  • An expert property valuer will be able to point out any aspects of your property that could potentially reduce or increase the property valuation. This can help you make more informed decisions about what renovations would bring in greater value when it comes time to sell, while also showing you where potential buyers may find flaws with your property.

Who are our valuers?

Our team of valuers are highly qualified API accredited professionals, we chose on the best with each of our team members having over 20 years’ experience in their specialized field of valuations whether it’s for property, commercial, industrial, or business-related. We have a valuer perfect for you.

Our valuers are licensed and law-recognized for their practices. We ensure that you receive a service best suited to your requirements and a guaranteed valuation report for the best outcome of your property purpose and financial needs.

A property valuation can be used for various reasons.

  • current market value
  • capital gains tax
  • family law court
  • stamp duty
  • pre-sale/pre-purchase advice
  • related party transfer

The list goes on, no matter your purpose we are able to complete a valuation for you.

As a property owner or first-time buyer/investor, knowing the ins and outs of the property and market is important. This is your biggest asset, and we believe that a valuation report is an important step in any decisions you have to make on your property. The market is always changing so it’s important that you stay ahead of the rest and know where you stand financially and where your property stands within the market and what you can do to increase the potential value of your property for the future.