Advantages and disadvantages of downsizing

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Downsizing to smaller home brings lot many advantages and disadvantages together. Decision-related to a home is an important one as it affects your life financially and personally. It brings a great impact on your lifestyle. So before making any decision related to real estate one should be mentally prepared for this. Also, you can take […]

Renovation errors which diminish the home value

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Home is the place where our hearts are. We all love our homes and we think renovation can add new taste, design, and value to our home. But the question is – Does all renovation bring value to the home? No, not all renovation does this. In fact, renovation should be well planned and organized […]

Tips for choosing the right residential property valuer

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Benefits of residential property valuation services are tremendous as it helps you to find the right market value of the property thus you can make better financial decisions based on it. To determine the exact value of your property is essential. For this, we need residential property valuers. Then the question arises how to find […]

Home valuers will help to get your dream home. Read how?

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Buying a home is a tedious process which sometimes irritates the buyers. We have the concept of having a dream home in our minds but it actually gets ruined by the biased suggestions of real estate agents. But not to worry, you can still complete the dream of having a home with the help of […]

Australia’s property prices may continue to fall in 2019

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Australian housing market is continuously falling from the last 12 months. Weaker housing prices in Melbourne and Sydney putting a great impact on the country’s property market. The bank’s tighten lending conditions also becoming a core reason of falling in property prices and down even further. With the national house values registering a continuous loss […]