Mortgage Security Valuations

Homes and apartments are perhaps the most common assets that are purchased from banks and financial institutions on equated monthly instalments. Owning your own home or apartment is certainly a big dream for all people.

However, given the income levels that many people have, they have to look up to banks and financial institutions for home loans, mortgage security loans and quite a few other loans. From the banks perspective it is important that the property that is being mortgaged as security should be valued properly.

When people look for such reputed and registered valuers for mortgage security valuations, there is little doubt that our name always comes on the top as far as Adelaide and surrounding areas are concerned.

We have rich experience in helping banks and financial institutions in their job of valuation of mortgage security properties. Since this is a very important part of the entire loan approval process there are quite a few things that should be kept in mind:

  • The report has to be given in quick time to meet the demands that customers impose on these banks and FIs. We have a fully equipped team to rise up to such demanding requirements.
  • We ensure that the timelines are strictly adhered to when it comes to such valuation reports for banks and FIs.
  • However in our quest for meeting timelines, we never compromise on quality.
  • We are able to do the job accurately and within the agreed TAT because we have very clearly laid down procedures and also have a well-oiled-machinery top take care of the entire process.
  • Further since we are registered and are associated with a number of banks and FIs, our reports carry lot of value and importance.
  • For all the quality work we do within a short TAT, our charges are very reasonable to say the least.

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