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Retrospective/Back Dated Valuations Eg. 8th May 2012

Need a valuation but you’ve sold your property years go?

No problem! Adelaide Property valuers Metro complete thousands of retrospective valuations each year! Our expert valuers are be able to research the current market and the value of your property all the way back to 1980!

A lot of customers need retrospective valuations for taxation purposes, divorces and general accounting purposes.

The way the valuers can produce a retrospective figure is by looking at the current market sales back at that date and comparable sales. Our independent valuers can even back date a valuation before the property was built.

Adelaide Property Valuers Metro specialises in both residential, industrial and commercial properties.

Adelaide Property Valuers Metro produce fully certified legal reports suitable for Capital Gains Tax and accepted by the Australian Taxation Office and Office of State Revenue. Our valuers are certified, independent and have over 10 years of experience.

Call us now to book in your property and speak to one of our experts! (08) 7009 4446!