Rental Determination/Rental Reviews

When it comes to properties, there are two situations where one would require the services of a valuation professional. The first instance is when a property is being bought or sold. The second instance is when you are planning to take a property either or rent or lease. In this article we will be looking at the second option.

Whenever there is arequirement for rental property, we could play a very important and supportive role for such valuations. We could arrange for the right rental determination and rental review as the case may be. To expand the matter a bit further, we will be in a position to help our clients to have a reasonably accurate idea regarding the actual rent that is fair for that premises or property.

This will be extremely helpful both for the person who is going on rent and the owner of the property. At the end of the day both parties would like to be sure that they are getting/paying a fair rent for the property. We use a number of techniques and methods to calculate such rent determination and rent review reports.

• We have a team of professionals from Adelaide who are ready to fan out to the respective areas and have a physical look at the property before putting pen to paper.
• We also have the best database available for the various properties that are spread across the length and breadth of Adelaide.
• In cases where the required information is available, we get in touch with the local government revenue authorities and get the actual feel about the rent that such properties can command.
• Whenever there is a rental agreement being renewed, here too we have an important role to play. We are the best service providers when it comes to rental review reports.

We do all these services at very reasonable rates and that is the secret of our success in our valuations journey is concerned.

Apart from this we offer all types of different valuations services. To avail any of our services, call us today on (08) 7009 4446 and speak to our valuers. You can also drop down at our office to meet our valuers.

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